Non-conventional Propulsion Experiments

This page is mainly devoted to showing the results of experiments in non-conventional propulsion. For experiments of my own, I try to provide details of how my devices were built.

Please be warned. Some of these experiments involve the use of very high voltages (in the kilovolt range). When working with high voltages, always discharge the power supply and charged surfaces before going near them yourself.

Propulsion Experiments

Test rigs



Sorted by amount of relevant material. The one-line reviews are my own.

  • Lost Science. Gerry Vassilatos, Adventures Unlimited Press, 1999. ISBN 0-932813-75-5
    Excellent biographical chapter on T.T. Brown along with plenty of details on his gravitators.
  • UFOs and Anti-Gravity: Piece for a Jig-saw. Leonard G. Cramp, Adventures Unlimited Press, 1996. ISBN 0-932813-43-7
    An excellent scientific analysis.
  • Unconventional Fly Objects - A Scientific Analysis Paul R. Hill, Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc., 1995. ISBN 1-57174-027-9
    An excellent scientific analysis.
  • Ether-Technology, A Rational Approach to Gravity Control. Rho Sigma, Adventures Unlimited Press, 1996. ISBN 0-932813-34-8
    A good read. Contains material about T. T. Brown, including a letter from Brown to Rho Sigma.
  • The Cosmic Matrix - Piece for a Jig-Saw Part 2. Leonard G. Cramp, Adventures Unlimited Press, 1999. ISBN 0-932813-64-X
    An interesting theory unifying nature's forces.
  • Anti-Gravity and the Unified Field David Hatcher Childress, Adventures Unlimited Press, 1992. ISBN 0-932813-10-0
    A good collection of articles, quite a bit on vortex theory. Also contains a short article by T. T. Brown.
  • The Anti-Gravity Handbook David Hatcher Childress, Adventures Unlimited Press, 1993. ISBN 0-932813-20-8
    A collection. Not as much information as Anti-Gravity and the Unified field.
  • Gravitational Control Research John T. Watson, Integrity Research Institute
    A report for a degree. This is a 40 page theory of gravitation.
  • Electrogravitics Systems Integrity Research Institute, ISBN 0-9641070-0-7
    A good report on T. T. Brown technology.
  • The Granite Man & the Butterfly Jeanne Manning & Pierre Sinclaire, Project Magnet, 1995. ISBN 0-9699345-0-5
    A must if you are going to work on Hamel devices.
  • Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality John A. Thomas Jr., Direct International Science Consortium, 1993. ISBN 1-898827-99-0
    The story of John R. R. Searl. Very good background information.
  • Man-Made UFOs 1944-1994 - 50 Years of Suppression Renato Vesco & David Hatcher Childress, Adventures Unlimited Press, 1994. ISBN 0-932813-23-2
    May not be much help in building devices but is an interesting read.
  • The Free-Energy Device Handbook David Hatcher Childress, Adventures Unlimited Press, 1996. ISBN 0-932813-24-0
    Contains only a little related information, but is a fairly good reference for free energy.


  • Thomas Townsend Brown: Bahnson Lab 1958-1960 Integrity Research Institute, 1422 K Street NW, Suite 204, Washington, DC 20005, 202-452-7674, 800-295-7674
    Original silent footage of the Bahnson lab. A must for T. T. Brown experimenters. Not a wealth of technical information but much can be gathered from it. Actual footage of working devices.
  • The Granite Man & the Butterfly - Technical Data - Volumes 1 and 2 (two videos) Project Magnet,
    A must for Hamel device experimenters. Excellent detail on Sinclair's device. Combined with the above mentioned book of the same name, you'll have all you need.
  • David Hamel, Contact from Planet Kladen, World Famous Site
    Interview with David Hamel.
  • UFOS: The Contacts - Part 1: The Pioneers of Space 2000 Film Productions, WorringerstraBe 1 - D-40211 Dusseldorf, Germany
    Excellent and very informative footage of a scout ship.
  • Free Energy - The Race to Zero Point Lightworks Audio & Video, P.O. Box 661593, Los Angeles, CA 90066, 800-795-TAPE,
    Excellent video. John Hutchison, T. T. Brown, and gyroscopic propulsion by Roy Thornson, and more.
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