BB-8 (v2) parts list and bill of materials

I'm often asked how much my BB-8 droid cost me to build. This is the parts list for my BB-8 (v2) showing the things I bought. Everything else I already had. This doesn't include, shipping, extra parts, nor does it include older versions of things that aren't in the latest BB-8. All amounts are in US dollars.

ItemMy cost
12" cardboard globe, second hand$12.00
fiberglass cloth (6oz) 20 sq ft from ebay$20.00
sandpaper package$3.84
anti-slip spray coating paint$8.43
transparent duct tape (Scotch brand)$7.28
8" styrofoam hemisphere from Michaels$12.16
magnets x 20, 2cmx1cm ones with holes, from ebay$6.97
casters from (#2691) ($3.95 x 3 + $14 shipping)$25.85
Gesso, white$6.53
LiPo battery 3.7V, 2000mAh$13.69
Remote control 
receiver and transmitter from toy truck, second hand$20
RC receiver to Arduino converter board 
3VDC 10 amp relay x 3$13.72
Arduino UNO, from$24.95
Dual H-bridge board 
MOSFETs: FQP27P06 x 4$5.41
MOSFETs: PSMN022-30PL x 4$2.50
red connectors male (1 package of 4)$2.30
red connectors female (1 package of 4)$2.68
fuses 10A (1 package of 5)$2.07
switch, SPDT 5A mini x 2$3.84
BNO055 IMU board, from$34.95
12V cordless drill motors x 2, second hand$7.70
stainless steel hose clamps 5/8-1.5" x 6$4.15
locktite - blue threadlock$7.14
14.4V cordless drill batteries x 2, second hand$7.70
stainless steel hose clamps x 2$2.75
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