EV Gray tube experiments

The EV Gray tube is a part of EV Gray's circuit. It's documented in his US patent 4,661,747 - Efficient electrical conversion switching tube suitable for inductive loads". My goal is not to duplicate Gray's circuit but rather to make use of the tube's similarity with other devices with similar geometry such as the testatika's two pots (large cans) or that are similarly stimulated with sharp high voltage spikes such the Hyde Generator.

December 2006 - Testatika Pots with Wimshurst/Spark Gaps 1

My first attempt was to use a Wimshurst machine with two spark gaps. These spark gaps were each located in tubes similar to Gray's in place of the normal Leyden jars.

June 2009 - Colliding positives circuit tests

This is work is based on a circuit by Aaron Murakami wherein he got a significant radiant event within the tube. My goal here is to see if this effect can be enhanced with changes to the geomerty of the grids as hinted at by the testatika's pots. I'm using a Van de Graaff machine to power it to also see if high voltage with very little current will reproduce the radiant event.

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