Electric Rocket Experiment

The objective of this experiment is to duplicate the electric rocket using plans from Bill Beaty's website.

My work thus far

I did start on a Mark 3 version, though I did not complete it simply because I turned to other propulsion approaches. To cut the plates for this version I purchased a roller type cutting machine from AccuCut. I also had them make up two custom dies for the shapes that needed to be cut. This cutting approach worked quite well.

Sources of tin

Here are some sources of tin in case you are having trouble finding some:

  • Pearson Dental 1-800-535-4535 or 1-818-362-2600 (I purchased my tin for the Mark 2 version from here. See the above link for more)
  • Benco Dental Co. 800-462-3626 www.benco.com (when I contacted them, they told me to contact Pearson Dental though I know others have bought from Benco)
  • Alfa Aesar www.alfa.com


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