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This website started out in April 1999 as a means of sharing what I'd done with others and for finding like-minded people. Within a month I'd been invited to join an egroup (the predecessor to Yahoo Groups) and quickly found a whole world of people to share with. Success!

Originally it was hosted under my user account at the time, but in June 2006 it moved to a permanent domain of its own,

The topics have grown over the years but it has always kept a guiding principle of giving detailed and useful information in a clear manner.

If you have something you think would go well here then I'd be happy to host it here. Your's wouldn't be the first.

What's with the Ads - Are you getting rich off us?

Nope, I'm not getting rich by displaying ads. The ads provide enough income to cover the costs associated with this website (webhosting, access, ...) with some left over to help with the costs for doing projects.

The content of the ads is selected by Google and I have little control over it though Google's ad program was chosen because of their ability to provide ads relevant to this website's content (otherwise the ads would have been too annoying to have here.) However, efforts are made to make them as non-interfering and non-distracting as possible.

Privacy policy

All contact with is kept private. All information given to is kept private unless otherwise agreed upon.

The only exception is that through the Google ads displayed here, third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your browsers, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving on this website. The purpose of this is to serve ads based on your interest rather than just the particular webpage's content.


Much of the material on is authored by Steven Dufresne and is copyrighted. To use any text or images you must have permission from me. I can be contacted at .

The remaining content on has been submitted by others expressly for including on this website. Contact them to find out what permissions you need to use their material.
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