Share along with is all about projects that can benefit people, "keep the lights on", mostly on a small scale but some large too. It started out in 1999 as a way to share what I'd done and to reach out for like-minded people and as you can see, it's grown ever since.

Over the years others have shared their projects here too, and more is needed to expand the depth of knowledge and experience. So please contact me if:

  • you have a project you've done or something you do all the time and
  • that fits in with a topic you see here or a topic you think should be here and
  • you have photos and
  • you can provide a write-up, or even just a description in an email, to go with it.

Contact me before you start but here are some tips anyway... If you have trouble thinking of what to write, then do what I often do. Start out by describing in detail what's in each photo. The rest comes easily. Diagrams are welcome too, though I can help with that if you need it. There's no need to do any fancy formatting or even proper spelling and punctuation or any mark-up on the photos. I can handle all that. Just the raw data is all that's needed. Or more if you want.

Privacy: On the finished webpage, you can be anonymous, provide your first name only, or your full name, and even your email address if you want people to contact you with questions (but it will be displayed as an image so spammers can't get a hold of it.) Please specify what level of privacy you want.


Examples of projects provided by others
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