Commercial solar cookers

The following is a collection of commercially available solar cookers that I've selected based on feedback I've heard from multiple sources. I've tried to select one of each type.

All prices are approximate and in US dollars.

Note that DOES NOT SELL ANY SOLAR COOKERS and is not affiliated with any of the companies below. For purchasing, questions or problems with the solar cookers below contact the manufacturer or retailer. The purpose of this page is solely to help you with some suggestions for solar cookers to consider.

Global Sun Oven/GSO

Type of cooker: box oven cooker
Price: $350
Reported latitude range: Scandinavia to the Equator

This is perhaps one of the most popular solar cookers worldwide and has been around for decades. It also has widespread use in developing countries.

Global Sun Oven (GSO) solar cooker.


Type of cooker: panel cooker
Price: $33
Reported latitude range: Scandinavia to the Equator

This cooker has very adjustable reflectors, suitable for all sun angles from low to high. Adjustment is done simply by manipulating the four reflector panels and then clipping them in place with the supplied clips. It is very lightweight and portable.

Copenhagen solar cooker.

Solar Burner

Type of cooker: parabolic
Price: $170
Reported latitude range: Scandinavia to the Equator

This is a large parabolic solar cooker at 1.5 meters (5 feet) in diameter and not the most portable but very affordable for its size.

Solar Burner parabolic solar cooker.


Type of cooker: other - evacuated tube
Price: $220
Reported latitude range: (too new to say)

This is a recent product but different and promising enough that I thought I'd include it. The cooking area for the SunFireOven is inside a double walled evacuated glass cylinder. The vacuum in the walls provides for the best possible insulation and is why this cooker can attain high temperatures with a minimum of reflector area. It's the same evacuated tube technology that has been used for many years for solar heating for domestic hot water purposes and of which I've installed some on houses. I can attest to a single evacuated double walled tube like this producing very hot temperatures simply by sitting in the sun even without reflectors.

SunFireOven evacuated tube solar cooker.
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