Tapping Vacuum Energy - Before confirming magnetic field (Feb 02/2010)

This series of experiments in converting vacuum energy to electrical energy was done around February 2, 2010. These experiment were based on the 1st design idea approach from January 14, using a spark gap and one canister.

Experiments were done with both a Van de Graaff machine and a high voltage power supply having positive, negative and ground terminals. The resulting output was looked at with an oscilloscope but the main test was using an analog multimeter to check for current. There was no more significant current than could be expected if ions were coming from the spark gap.

Arcing at the spark gap.
Testing with Van de Graaff machine.
Testing with high voltage power supply.

After the null test results, the device was disassembled and a compass placed near the coil to test for a significant magnetic field during arcing, the presence of the magnetic field being essential to the theory being tested. Both the Van de Graaff machine and a 30kV power supply were used for the test, the Van de Graaff supplying a much weaker arc than the 30kV PSU. Very small oscillations occurred with the compass needle when arcing was started but quickly damped out to no movement. So a new coil with turns closer together will be made.

Coil sitting on compass.
Testing with Van de Graaff machine.
Testing with 30kV power supply.


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