Stories is looking for your short stories about issues humanity may face in the near future for this page! If you have something to share, click here for submission guidelines.

These pages are devoted to short stories, usually about issues that humanity may have to deal with in the near future. Enjoy!

  • Warm Spot in a Cold Place - It's ten years after the ice age began and the last hangers-on are preparing to head south when one of them gets sick and can't travel. This is the story of the struggle to save one of them and of how it transforms them all.
  • Ice Farming - The northerners are scavengers, struggling to survive in the land of year round snow and ice when a trade of old technology with the southerners becomes a chance to make a better life.
  • Sea of Energy - The inventors of a revolutionary new energy producing technology are split on how to release it to the world. Those who want to keep it out of the hands of the military must find a way to stop those who want to give it to the military.
  • Kay Sera Sahara - Ten thousand years ago the Sahara desert was a tropical forest. A team of archeologists find clues to this ancient past that show that what seems new today is actually nothing new at all.
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