KILOTECH TW-2610 Triple Beam Scale

This is a triple beam scale (or balance) which I purchased at a local store. I has gradations down to 1/10th of a gram. It comes with optional attachment weights that bring the capacity up from 610 grams to 2610 grams.

Capacity (maximum it can measure): 2610 grams
Resolution (error, +/-): 0.1 grams
Pan size: 6" x 5.5" (15 x 13.75 cm)

KILOTECH TW-2610 Triple Beam Scale - Close view
KILOTECH TW-2610 Triple Beam Scale - Full view
Full view of the KILOTECH TW-2610 Triple Beam balance

Examples of where I've used the scale

One of the first uses was to measure the weight change in a non-conventional propulsion experiment involving something called a lifter.

Measuring weight change of a lifter (aluminium foil thing on top.)

But I've also used it for a more conventional purpose such as weighing barium titanate and epoxy for making a capacitor.

Measuring barium titanate and epoxy.
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