How to repair things

Too often people throw out broken things that can be easily repaired. This is a collection of repairs intended to demonstrate how simple it is to fix, rather than throw away.

Repaired piano/keyboard key

I bought a keyboard from a garage/yard sale for only $25. The reason it was so cheap was because one of the keys was broken. After fixing the key it was as good as new.

Repaired camera tripod leg

The bottom leg of one of my tripods fell off one day and either I couldn't find all the parts to put it back together or couldn't figure out how. So I needed to find a way to repair the tripod leg.

Repaired holes in a knapsack

I have a great knapsack but over the years it developed holes in the bottom. Fixing the holes was simply a matter of hand sewing a piece of cotton inside and a piece of leather outside. I needed the cotton inside to keep things from entering the holes and I wanted the strong leather outside to make it even stronger and more waterproof than it originally was. The leather was scrap that cost $0.50 at a local scout/camping store.

Click on the images for larger versions.

Inside - before
Inside - after
Outside - before
Outside - after

Repaired bicycle lock key

I have one of those Kryptonite bicycle locks that are extremely hard to cut and that are costly to replace. I bought it around 1988. The key snapped in two and rather than throw it out I repaired it. Click here to see how easy it was to repair this bicycle lock key.

If you have examples of simple repairs you've done that others can easily do, along with a photo or two, send them to me care of my email address at the bottom of this page and I'll include them here. If you have a lot of details that warrant a page of their own then see my share page.
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