Non-conventional Energy Experiments

These pages are devoted to showing the results of experiments in the production of energy by non-conventional means. For experiments of my own, I try to provide details of how I built them.

Note that the author understands the principle of conservation of energy and mass and subscribes to it. However, some experiments will appear to be done contrary to it. These are done in hopes of finding a non-obvious source of energy or of finding new ways to utilize known sources.

Energy Experiments

Main approaches - possibly related

Direct Vacuum energy
to Electrical energy

Hyde generator

Correlation between
Testatika's disks/
antenna keys/pots
Hyde generator.


Correlation between
Testatika's magnet
circuit and
Hans Coler's

Hans Coler's device

EV Gray tube

Roy Meyers device

Magnetic motors - the magnets in the following did not introduce any new energy

SMOT Mark 1 Experiments

Water Wheel Permanent Magnet Motor

Test rigs

HV horizontal rotating platform


Sorted by amount of relevant material. The one-line reviews are my own.

  • The Coming Energy Revolution Jeane Manning, Avery Publishing Group, 1996.
    ISBN 0-89529-713-2
  • The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity Peter Linedmann, D.Sc., Clear Tech, Inc., 2001.
    Excellent information on Edwin Gray's Power Conversion tube and accompanying circuit.
  • The Free-Energy Device Handbook David Hatcher Childress, Adventures Unlimited Press, 1996. ISBN 0-932813-24-0
    Contains only a little related information, but is a fairly good reference for free energy.


  • Free Energy - The Race to Zero Point Lightworks Audio & Video, P.O. Box 661593, Los Angeles, CA 90066, 800-795-TAPE,
    Excellent video. John Hutchison, T. T. Brown, centrifugal propulsion by Roy Thornson, and more.
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