Renewable Energy

These pages are devoted to renewable energy. They include work done by the author, information to help you learn about the various topics and some work done by others.

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- Solar energy - Solar air heating - Solar power - Solar pumping - Solar hot water - Solar pool heating - Solar cooking - Wind power -

If you're in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area then you might want to attend a 1-day workshop being given by myself, Steven Dufresne, on solar power systems for producing electricity. You'll:

  • find out if a solar electricity generation system is for you and how to get it,
  • learn configurations for both off-grid cottage systems and systems on the grid, such as net metering and microFIT,
  • learn to size a system to fit your electrical needs,
  • and more...

For the full workshop outline, further details, or to sign up if you're interested then follow this eventbrite link.

For the interest of anyone in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and surrounding area:
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